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Chantel Thompson

Chantel Akworkor Thompson | Co-Founder

Chantel is an educator, writer, art collector and curator based in Ghana. She has curated shows in Accra, New York and Paris, working predominantly with African artists, including Amoako Boafo and Adjei Tawiah.  Her curatorial practice contributes an authentic voice to the growing cannon of contemporary artwork produced in Africa and the Caribbean. Founder of DēpART consultancy and Beyond the Black Canvas, she amplifies the voices of Black artists and early-career artists in Ghana, bridging the knowledge gap between home studio and the international art market. Through her art collection, she creates a visual archive of her lived experience as a British-born Ghanaian, documenting the moments that have shaped her identity.

Simone Bethell_edited.jpg

Simone Bethell | Co-Founder

Simone is a true force to be reckoned with. As a Bahamian businesswoman, she has built an impressive empire that spans across multiple industries, including import, car rental, and residential/commercial space rental. She is a philanthropist and helps people across the Caribbean and Africa. Simone is also passionate about supporting other businesses and offers her expertise through consultancy work. She is a member of a government bureau where she ensures quality services, enhancing international trade throughout The Bahamas. Simone's dedication to her country and people is inspiring. She is an excellent example of what can be achieved through passion and talent.

Ella Phillips

Ella Phillips | Associate

Ella is an author, creative consultant and facilitator, with a Masters in Fine Art. She has showcased her artwork worldwide and contributed to projects at esteemed institutions such as The National Theatre, Victoria & Albert Museum, and Napoli Film Festival. Ella has diversified her skills in project management and education through roles in public and private arts organisations. She also has a passion for history and sustainable gardening, with a focus on traditional and indigenous practices. Ella's diverse interests allow her to bring a unique outlook to her work and connect with diverse audiences.

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